About Artlink IT

Artlink IT develops and supports QR Code solutions for the art world.

With the Artlink IT system guests are offered easy and timely access to in-depth information about their favorite works of art. Any range of material can be offered, from an audio recording where the artist or curator talks about the piece, to videos detailing the background, or as simple as texts and images with links for further reading. Artlink IT handles it all, and delivers it on-demand to interested guests. A simple (optional) send to e-mail button allows the visitors to send the information to their inbox, and have all the information about their favorite works of art available for detailed reading at leisure.

For museum staff Artlink IT offers a simple, intuitive and cost effective way to give visitors the whole story. Requiring very little technical knowledge, Artlink IT gives all the benefits of technology and none of the drawbacks. Creating, editing and maintaining QR codes and their content for each work of art becomes a breeze, and gaining valuable feedback from guests about preferences, walking paterns and interests provides a whole new world of opportunity to improve future exhibits.

The strength of Artlink IT is the fact that it is simple and powerful.

Contact Artlink IT today, and ask what we can do for you.

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